witek łukaszewski 

'Poetry rock'
- The latest concept for artistic life of Witek Łukaszewski and the newest music project of the Artist.

Original combination of rock, jazz and classical music and lyrics of the first magnitude with strong European poetry influences (Rilke, Lorca, Shakespeare, Norwid, Witek’s own poetry).

Project: “Witek Łukaszewski & Grand Piano” is a musical journey to the roots of improvised rock of 60./70. Unique instrumental sound, technical precision equal to the greatest world-famous guitarists and wonderful synergy between musicians. Compositions at the highest artistic level and of the exceptional style created by Witek Łukaszewski and called by him: “poetry rock”.

Witek Łukaszewski - electric guitar, flamenco guitar, vocal
Marcin Ruszkiewicz - bass
Jacek Winkiel - keyboard
Mariusz "Bobek" Bobkowski - percussion

Witek Łukaszewski is an author of 8 rock, jazz and flamenco albums: from lyrical and instrumental records („13 Tunes for the Guitar and Woman”, „Flamenco magic”, „Cafe Poema”), by melodic and lively fusions of rock & blues („Do”, „So much love”), to experimental and brand new sounds („Our Daily Norwid”, „Chopin’s Piano”, „Undertow”).
The Band is currently working on the new album which will be released in the same time as the newest book of Witek Łukaszewski: „Jimi Hendrix & Niccolo Paganini – the dialogues” (InRock, 2011).
Chopin's Piano (2010)
SongPlay Time
Fortepian Szopena cz.1
(Witek £ukaszewski & Grand Piano)

9:15 min

Our Daily Norwid (2009)

SongPlay Time
Daj mi wstazke blekitna
(Witek £ukaszewski & Grand Piano)

4:26 min
(Witek £ukaszewski & Grand Piano)

8:16 min